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Our Supply of Chemical Grades

Optima® Grade

Acids and solvents of extremely high purity. Acids are analyzed for 65 metals by ICP/MS; impurity levels in ppt. Solvent impurity levels in ppm. UV absorbance curves and sample chromatograms available on request. For Optima acids, a typical lot analysis is given in the catalog. Impurity levels in an actual lot received may vary from the amount listed.

HPLC, GC, plasma/ICP, spectrophotometry, and pesticide residue analysis

Optima® LC/MS Grade

Meets stringent purity requirements of LC/ MS and UHPLC by addressing the need for minimal organic contamination with 0.1 micron filtration to make particle free. Evaluated for 17 metal impurities at ppb concentrations for minimal metal mass adduct formation. High ionization efficiency to detect organic contaminants at 50 ppb max (positive) and 300 ppb max (negative) in full scan MS. Screened for UV-absorbing contaminants at every wavelength in the 200 to 400 nm range to afford smooth baselines and to reduce interferences.

Ideal mobile phase for LC/MS and UHPLC-UV applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, environmental and food safety industries.

GC Resolv® Grade

Solvents with the highest purity and lot-to-lot consistency. Free of contaminants to the ppb level, including those listed in Contract Laboratory Program Target Compound List. Meet ACS specifications.

Gas chromatography (GC)

HPLC Grade

Solvents manufactured specifically for use with HPLC instruments. Meet all ACS specifications. Submicron filtered.

HPLC and spectrophotometry procedures.

Certified ACS Grade

Reagent chemicals that meet or exceed the latest ACS Specifications. Actual lot analysis on label.

Analytical applications requiring tight specifications

Certified ACS Plus Grade

Acids that, in addition to meeting or exceeding the latest specifications of the ACS, are analyzed for more than 16 metals. Actual lot analysis on label.

Analytical applications with tighter metal specifications.

Certified Grade

Reagent chemicals for which the purity standard is established by Fisher Scientific. Purity is guaranteed to meet published maximum limits of impurities.

General analytical procedures.

Plasma Grade

Solvents manufactured for use with plasma/ICP instruments. Impurity levels in ppt. Packaged in acid-cleaned polyethylene bottles.

Plasma/ICP, environmental testing, trace-metal analysis 

Environmental Grade

Solvents for use in HPLC analysis, trace-organic analysis, and environmental testing. Packaged in precleaned glass bottles in M3.5 (Class 100) cleanroom. Shipped with Certificate of Analysis.

HPLC, trace-organic analysis, environmental testing.

Pesticide Grade

Solvents for use in analysis of pesticide residue. Meet or exceed ACS standards of purity for pesticide residue analysis. 

GC with electron capture detector (ECD), pesticide residue analysis.


Reagent chemicals that meet or surpass specifications of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the National Formulary (NF), the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), the European Pharmacopeia (EP), the British Pharmacopeia (BP), and/or the Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP).

Food and drug laboratories, biological testing 

Spectranalyzed® Grade

Solvents for use in spectrophotometry. Also meet ACS specifications. Actual lot analysis on label.

Ultraviolet and visible wavelength detectors (UV-Vis).

Biotechnology Grade

Solvents and reagents that have been specially purified and assayed for biotechnology applications.

Electrophoresis, molecular biology, sequencing, and peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis.

Scintanalyzed™ Grade

Solvents, fluors, and prepared cocktails for liquid scintillation counting. Includes nonflammable, nontoxic, biodegradable ScintiSafe® cocktails.

Application: Liquid scintillation counting.

Electronic Grade

Solvents manufactured to ensure low levels of metal contamination. Meet Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI) requirements. Actual lot analysis on label.

Electronics and circuit board manufacturing.

TraceMetal Grade

Acids manufactured to achieve low metal contamination measurable in ppm to ppb range. Each lot is analyzed for more than 55 metals by ICP/MS. For TraceMetal acids, a typical lot analysis is given in the catalog. Impurity levels in an actual lot received may vary from amounts listed.

Primarily used in digestion of samples prior to instrument (ICP) analysis.

Histology Grade

Solvents and products that are specially prepared for use in the histology laboratory setting. Solvents are filtered for tissue processing applications.

Tissue processing, clinical or histology procedures.

Laboratory, Technical and Reagent Grade

Chemicals of reasonable purity for situations where no official standard for quality or impurity levels exist.

Manufacturing and general laboratory use.

Merck’s EMSURE® grade

Premium grade of classical solvents. They are specified according to the most important international norms, suitable for an extraordinarily wide range of analytical applications and frequently used in challenging quality control processes in production.

EMSURE® solvents provide the high and defined purity demanded by international regulations for pharmaceutical quality control – they meet or exceed the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and of the reagent part of the European Pharmacopoeia (Reag. Ph Eur). Furthermore EMSURE® solvents also complies to the requirements of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which is relevant for all industrial sectors.

Regulated or highly demanding lab applications.

Merck’s EMPARTA®  Grade

Solvents specified according ACS for all less-regulated applications and routine tasks. From the raw materials used to specifications, packaging, and documentation, every aspect of EMPARTA® solvents is designed to make your analytical lab applications most efficient and cost-effective. Compared to EMSURE®, EMPARTA® grade solvents come with fewer test parameters. Still, their specifications cover all important parameters, ensuring reliability and reproducibility of your analytical results. EMPARTA® solvents meet the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Analytical applications.

Merck’s EMPLURA® Grade

Solvents for all non-regulated applications in chemical labs and production. Alternative to high-purity qualities, offering adequate specs with the most important parameters. Checked only for basic parameters that are important in the described application, i.e. for purity, identity, density, evaporation residue and water content. The minimum assay generally exceeds in most cases 99%.

Mainly for preparative lab applications or for standard production processes.

TraceCERT® Grade

Certified reference material according to ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. TraceCERT reference materials are developed and produced in an accredited laboratory fulfilling both ISO 17025 (general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) and ISO Guide 34 (general requirements for the competence of reference material producers).

Life Science

BioUltrade Grade

Finest quality products for life science, with the most stringent testing protocols and highest purity. Superior manufacturing methods and product specific testing protocols are designed to ensure quality to our highest standard. Tests may include, but are not limited to, purity by gel electrophoresis, trace metal testing and application testing.

Life Science

BioXtra Grade

Stringent testing protocols may include trace metal analysis and specialized suitability testing, such as hybridoma or mouse embryo. Includes application-specific formulations, such as tablets and prepared solutions.

Life Science

BioReagent Grade

Base grade products, suitability tested for specific applications such as molecular biology or cell culture.

Life Science

Anhydrous Grade

High-purity solvents with extremely low water content specifically manufactured for moisture sensitive syntheses.