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We are proud to represent Nordmark Biochemicals! 

They are the division of Nordmark Pharma GmbH specialized in the distribution of biochemicals. 

Nordmark Biochemicals' focus is on collagenases and other proteases that can be used for tissue dissociation in vitro for the isolation of a variety of cells. These cells find multiple applications in research and clinics. 

Since 2002 Nordmark has been manufacturing Collagenase NB Products for research and clinical applications and at different purification levels. Today, these products are marketed and distributed worldwide by the experienced product management team and its worldwide distributor network. 

The product management team is at the heart of the Nordmark Biochemicals division and provides customers with the best possible service and support for Collagenase NB products. 

Manufacturing of Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade

Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade is a natural blend enzyme ideal for isolation and dissociation of a variety of tissue types like adipose tissue, cartilage, skin, placenta and umbilical cord and is part of Nordmark's Translational Collagenase NB portfolio. Unique worldwide, this product is produced in controlled clean rooms in three stages: fermentation, purification and aseptic lyophilisation, followed by pulverisation of the sterile collagenase. Filling takes place under aseptic conditions. Customized filling: Upon request, Nordmark is are able to carry out customized filling and labelling of the Collagenase NB 6. 

Manufacturing of Purified Collagenase NB Products

In some special applications in the field of regenerative medicine (e.g. isolation of islets, TILs and SVF), a purified, more highly active collagenase (Collagenase NB) is required. To meet these requirements, Nordmark Pharma developed a process in which, after fermentation of Clostridium histolyticum, further purification takes place over several chromatographic separation columns. This patented method reliably delivers highly purified Collagenase NB, in lyophilized form in vials with defined activity. The isolation of defined, intact cells from complex tissues is a major challenge, and the demands made on the purity of the collagenase used are correspondingly high.

Manufacturing of Purified Collagenase AF Products

For this first animal–free GMP product worldwide, Nordmark Pharma has developed a process that keeps Clostridium histolyticum on a veggie diet in order to avoid any cross-contamination with animal-derived material. After the fermentation of Clostridium histolyticum with an animal–free source, further purification takes place over several chromatographic separation columns, reliably delivering highly purified Collagenase AF products provided in lyophilized form in vials with defined activity. Being completely free of any animal-based components prevents the risk of transmission of potential animal-derived pathogens and makes these products perfectly designed for clinical applications.

Collagenase NB Products

Most commercially available collagenases are derived by fermentation of the natural collagenase-producing bacteria species Clostridium histolyticum. The strain of C. histolyticum used in the manufacturing of the collagenase products has been carefully selected for the production of large amounts of collagenases and balanced amounts of other proteolytic activities like neutral protease and clostripain.

As a pathogen, C. histolyticum uses these enzymatic activities to infect a potential host by digesting the extracellular matrix proteins of connective tissues. Therefore, the natural composition of these enzymes (collagenase class I and class II, neutral protease and clostripain) is already optimized by nature for the most efficient tissue dissociation resulting in a high yield of viable cells.

Every application of collagenases places different demands on optimal digestion conditions. Nordmark Collagenase NB products range from standard collagenases containing balanced amounts of other proteolytic activities to highly purified collagenases, in research or GMP grades, respectively. For this reason, thecollagenase products are exceptionally suitable for a variety of cell isolation applications.

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