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Analytical Balances
Perfect combination of high performance, reliability and ease-of-use.

Excellence Level Analytical Balances
Excellence analytical balances have a wide range of readability – from 0.005 mg to 0.1 mg, and capacities up to 320 g that cover all of your analytical workflows.

Advanced Level Analytical Balances
When you need great performance and durability, the Advanced Level Balances are the right choice.

Standard Level Analytical Balances
The Standard Level Balances with the high-quality construction and solid performance ensure consistent and precise weighing results.


Precision Balances
Made for reliable and high-precision weighing. Both in the lab and under harsh industrial conditions

Excellence Level Precision Balances
From 0.001 g to 64 kg, plus with selected high performance models

Advanced Level Precision Balances
Renowned MonoBloc Weighing cell, with FACT automatic internal adjustment, delivers consistently reliable results.

Standard Level Precision Balances
The proven Electromagnetic Force compensation (EMFC) weighing cell with FACT automatic internal adjustment technology delivers consistently reliable results and automatically adjusts the balance.


Micro and Ultra-Microbalances
Outstanding performance. Smallest samples amounts.

Micro-Analytical Balances
Weigh even the smallest amounts of your valuable samples directly into larger tare containers to save material and cost.

High-Performance Moisture Analyzers
Fulfils highest measurement performance and compliance needs. Accurate and repeatable results for any sample type.

Solid All Purpose Moisture Analyzers
The compact and robust design that works for both laboratory and production. Suitable for a variety of samples.


Basic Moisture Analyzer
Ideal for anyone with a tight budget, but still requires reliable moisture results.

SmartCal Test Substance
Ensures trusted moisture results by verifying the performance of your moisture analyzer.

Jewelry Balances and Scales
Swiss Jewelry Weighing Technology for weighing diamonds, golds, and silver. 

Filter Weighing Solutions
Unsurpassed accuracy up to a tenth of a microgram for emissions determination with a Robotic Filter Weighing Solution or a Filter Weighing Kit Installed.


Pipette Check and Calibration
Efficient and ergonomic solutions from a Quick Check up to professional calibration solutions according ISO8655.

Calibration Weights
High-grade stainless steel knob and wire weights for balance calibration purposes and reference usage for weight comparisons.

Precision Weights
Stainless steel knob and sheet weights for routine testing to ensure reliable weighing process.

An innovative weight identification system that guarantees full traceability of your balance tests.